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LFDHSF Breadmakers, Automatic Fastbake Bread Maker with Gluten Free Menu, 2LB Large Capacity Environmental Health Energy Class A
  • 10 minutes memory function.
  • 13 hour delay bake timer and 1 hour keep warm function.
  • 2 size bread make, 650g or 800g.
  • 3 levels crust control.
  • 12 functions including cake, jam, french bread, whole wheat bread ect.
Panasonic ADA12R1321 Bread Pan for SD251, SD252, SD253, SD254, SD255 Breadmakers (only)
  • Original replacement part
  • High quality
  • For suitable models, please see below.
  • Suitable for these models: Panasonic SD251, SD252, SD253, SD254, SD255
LFDHSF Breadmakers, Bread Machine Breakfast Bread Machine, Digital Bread Maker, Programmable, Dishwasher Safe Pan
  • Baking temperature: 170-200 Celsius.
  • Function: Power off memory function, heat preservation.
  • Max. Reservation Time: 12-16 hours.
  • Size: 368*235*320mm .
  • Heating Method: Electric Heating Tube.
Bread Maker, Automatic Intelligent Home Breadmakers, Compact Fast Bread Machine With Automatic Insulation Power-Off Function, Appointment Time, White + Yellow
  • ★Bread making has three burning colors: light, medium and deep. With 10 minutes of power-down protection, 1 hour insulation, 12 hours of long delay.
  • ★High temperature resistant PP design, large capacity; multi-function; hot-selling products The bread barrel material is 304 alloy aluminum plate spray non-stick oil and stainless steel stirring blade
  • ★Stainless steel Dual Heating Tubes, three-dimensional heating for more even results. Intelligent baking technology, with different baking stages, the temperature is constantly changing to achieve the ideal baking state.
  • ★Fully automatic program braking to make bread, micro-computer precise control, one-button automatic menu design; smart menu one-button operation, convenient and quick function at a glance. Bread menu dessert menu assistant menu.
  • ★19 kinds of menus make delicious and easy to get; not only built-in menus, make more personalized recipes according to needs, expand the possibilities of bread makers
LFDHSF Breadmakers, Automatic Fruit Sprinkled Electric Bread Making Machine, Home Multifunctional Smart Cake Bread Maker LED Toching Screen
  • Power-off memory function for 15 minutes, sudden power failure during work? do not be afraid! Re-energize within 15 minutes, then let the bread machine continue to operate before the power failure
  • Smart core precise temperature control, the temperature in the cavity is sensed by the sensor, the fermentation process controls the low temperature, and the baking phase remains uniform. Continuous firepower, lock temperature, 360 degree uniform baking, more uniform heat field, excellent baking and fermentation
  • Upgrade the automatic sprinkling technology, control the feeding time by the microcomputer, automatically sprinkle the fruit at the appropriate time, and make the fruit bread in one step! Add some ingredients to the bread to make baking more fun!
  • The high torque DC motor uses a 50W pure copper DC motor, which is more heat resistant than the aluminum rotor motor. High efficiency, low loss and durability.
  • 15 hours long reservation function, one-button setting, automatic opening, direct appointment at night to have a good time, in the morning, there will be fragrant bread to eat.
LFDHSF Breadmakers, Toaster Electric Oven Multifunction Timer Making Biscuits Bread Cake Pizza Cookies Baking Machine 12L Liter 800W
  • Rated Capicity: 12L
  • Size: 230*260*325mmSpecification
  • Rated Voltage: 220V~
  • Rated Power: 800W
LFDHSF Breadmakers, Sandwich Maker Breadmakers Breakfast Machine, Household Multifunctional Light Food Waffle Maker Multifunctional Heating Toast Press Toaster,
  • Enjoy a pleasant lunch. Barbecue chicken wings, light oil and fat healthy meal, comfort yourself
  • Easy to clean, food-grade non-stick coating, anti-stain coating, lightly wipe, refuse to stick to the pan
  • A healthy and light diet. One-button switch makes it easy to press out of the pot. Gently change the delicious taste, light life meets delicious food
  • Delicious sandwiches, make yourself a high-quality breakfast. Sweet and fried eggs, light oil and less smoke, make life healthier. Figure burrito, spread a small pancake, roll your favorite ingredients
  • 600W power, light weight, efficiency in the office, about 1 / 2A4 paper footprint. Double-sided heating, fast and uniform heating, no food turning
LFDHSF Breadmakers, Automatic Toaster, Toaster Home Kitchen Mini Portable Sandwich Maker Multi-Function Stainless Steel Breakfast Bread Machine
  • The key operation is simple and convenient, and the breakfast can be changed easily. - The key is fixed, the heat is even, the sides are evenly heated, the crispy and soft, the taste is just right, the convenient control panel, 6-speed temperature control / more intimate choice.
  • Small size does not occupy the ground, slim body, greatly save the kitchen space, nutrition delivery 2 minutes fast baking, rushing morning can also be graceful and elegant, fast heat conduction, stainless steel heat conduction performance, can quickly heat.
  • Extra large broiler trough, extra wide trough with self-aligning rails, adjustable to any width, sliced ??toaster to keep the bread in the perfect position for toast.
  • Faster cooling rate, versatile adjustment, toaster with defrost, neutralization and reheat control, and sunshade selector with 6 shades.
  • Ultra-wide bread trough, thin, thick bread / whatever you choose, roasting automatically pop-up, simple and convenient, no need to look after, crumb storage tray, easy to clean, not afraid of breadcrumbs.
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